Responding to NAFTA Renegotiation

Many are asking what the Trump Administration’s “America First” position on international trade will mean for Canada, how it will affect NAFTA (the world’s largest bilateral trade relationship) and how they can respond. The United States has indicated that it wants to renegotiate the NAFTA.  In May 18, 2017 letters, the U.S. Trade Representative (“USTR”) Read more about Responding to NAFTA Renegotiation[…]

Contract Clauses

Nail Down These Two International Contract Clauses to Save Yourself Future Legal Headaches

Taking your business abroad can be a great way to expand your customer base, increase market share and lower production costs. Although the benefits of an international business venture are plentiful, they are accompanied by a significant amount of risk, which, if not properly mitigated, can far outweigh the rewards. Due diligence is your best ally in risk mitigation, even more so when it comes to international contracts.


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